Some Cool Username Ideas for Instagram & Other Online Networks

Gaming 05 Sep 2017
Some Cool Username Ideas for Instagram & Other Online Networks

Your username is more than just the first field on a login page. It’s the moniker by which the rest of the digital world knows you. Therefore, it’s important that you choose a username that’s cool, catchy, and reflects you and your interests. Not sure where to get started? We’ve got your covered with some handy tips for creating cool and totally unique usernames.

Tips for Creating a Cool Username

We all know a killer username when we see one, but it’s harder to come up with something creative from scratch. Try a few of these tips to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Be random. – Try combining random nouns and adjectives or verbs to create pleasantly silly and irreverent names. Do you like pandas and ballet? How about PandaPirouet. Take it a step further and try some truly random names like MysticalDimples or TurtleAsylum.

  • Be punny. – If being random is just…well…too random for you, and you want to show off your clever side, try a pun. Base it off of something relevant to your interests like WombRaider instead of Tomb Raider or RichardtheTurd instead of Richard III. Bonus points if you make it a double entendre.
  • Try a rhyme. – If puns are too tough (or too annoying), try rhyming instead. Again, go with something based off of your interests or personality. Examples include FragrantVagrant or BrainDrain.

  • There’s always alliteration. – Even easier than puns is an alliterative username. All you need to do is include two or three words that all start with the same letter. Consider SuddenlySnape or ViciousValentine.
  • Consider the circumstances. – You can always play of off the circumstances under which the username will be seen by other people. Make a joke about them reading the name like IMadeYouReadThis or PleaseStopReadingThis. You can also try getting more specific. For example, if you’re username is for an online game, ask yourself the context under which it will show up.
  • Be you. – What are you passionate about? What part of your personality do you want to shine through on this platform? Choose a username that’s true to you and relevant for the circumstances.

Tips for Differentiating Your Username

Sometimes you think of the perfect username only to find out that some lucky person got there first. Not to worry, there are some simple ways that you can set yourself apart without sacrificing your great idea.

  • Play with the spelling. – Is CrazyCathy taken? Perhaps KrazyKathy isn’t. Think of some new ways to spell old things.
  • Add numbers or special characters. Still no luck? How abou [email protected]@thy? It gets the point across in a silly and memorable way.
  • Don’t forget the underscore. Ok. So, apparently there are a lot of Cathys (or Kathys) out there, and they’re all crazy. Consider Crazy_Cathy. If nothing else, it’s certainly easier to read.

Still no luck? Try a combination of all three strategies. That or consider changing your name to Consuela.

Cool Usernames for Inspiration

Ready to get those creative juices flowing? Allow us to get you started.

  • JuliusSeizure
  • JuliusSneezer
  • SirLoin

  • BackStabbath
  • FedoraTheExplora
  • DoctorEnigma
  • CaptainColada
  • InfinitePenguins
  • VampireBob
  • EeyoreFever
  • WorldPeas
  • LatteLove
  • GreatCatsby

  • PickledPutin
  • PutinYouInYourPlace

Now go out there and reinvent your digital self.



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