Zero Zero Robotics introduced a flying camera-Selfi

Internet 16 Mar 2018
Zero Zero Robotics introduced a flying camera-Selfi

Zero Zero Robotics

The Selfie wands seem to have a serious competitor – a compact collapsing drones camera of the Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics, which millions of lovers of Selfie will surely want to buy .

In the market of drones , there is no shortage in the segment of devices with tracking functions that can hold the object in the field of view of the lens, which is so necessary for aerial photography. But all of them, unfortunately, are “united” by one problem – large sizes.

Hover Camera

The camera-drones Hover Camera from the company Zero Zero Robotics has been conceived with the purpose to give to convenient functions the minimum dimensions. The camera weighs only 238 grams, which saves owners from having to register it as a full-fledged drones.

Hover Camera

The screws of the aircraft are enclosed in a protective mesh body made of carbon fiber, so it can be safely taken in hand, without fear of injury. In the “marching” position, the camera easily folds into the travel bag, thanks to the dimensions of 182 x 132 x 32.5 mm.

To bring the Hover Camera into action, it’s enough to throw it into the air. In the operating mode, it hangs in the air, making a 13-megapixel self-photo or a circular video in 4K format. You can control the camera from your smartphone.

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