Bats help improve the design of drones

Robotics 25 Feb 2018
Bats help improve the design of drones

Learning to fly by nature

When it comes to inventions, “prompted” by our smaller brothers, there are usually associations with geckos . However, researchers at Lund University (Sweden), led by Associate Professor Christopher Johansson, drew attention to a long-eared brown bat with the aim of improving the design of unmanned aerial vehicles .

For the experiment, scientists placed the bats in a wind tunnel filled with light smoke and laser-illuminated, which made it possible to better see the movement of air currents during the flight. The flight speed was up to 5 m / s.

It was found that the wings of animals act similarly to the wings of aircraft – create a lift, even with a slow flight. To do this, bats have to spread their wings widely at the end of each bar.

According to Johansson, this particular way of generating energy will help in creating new mechanisms for aerodynamic control of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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