Elon Musk ordered the design of a Martian space suit from the creators of comics

Robotics 27 Feb 2018
Elon Musk ordered the design of a Martian space suit from the creators of comics

Elon Mask

The founder and CEO of Space X – Elon Musk is seriously preparing to fly to Mars. And these are not empty words. Recently, the famous billionaire has signed an agreement with the equally famous Californian designer Jose Fernandes to develop a spacesuit for the crew of the Martian mission .
José Fernández
Jose Fernandez at work (in the middle from above)

Fernandez became famous as the author of costumes for Hollywood superheroes Batman, Superman and Captain America. With the implementation of the new ambitious project, Fernandez took as a basis sketches proposed by Elon Mask himself. If successful, the Martian space suit will be an alternative to the NASA-Z-2 product.

NASA Z-2 Spacer

Like Z-2 from NASA, a new costume is planned to be printed using 3D technology individually for each crew member. In contrast to the numerous kinoskafandrov, “reproducing” the mighty muscles of their owners, the Martian space suit will not be so effective, but reliable and practical. With its help, astronauts will be able to navigate around Mars and engage in work – scientific research, soil sampling and life support mission.

Costumes from Marvel
The Iron Man’s costume is also the work of Fernandez

How it will look like a spacesuit from Elon Mask and Jose Fernandez, we can see not earlier than next year. The requirements for it are extremely stringent: to withstand temperature changes from +150 to -150 ° C in combination with reliable protection against cosmic radiation. The rest, as they say, is a matter of technology, unique technologies and creators’fantasies .

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