The 10 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

Robotics 01 Sep 2017
The 10 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

1. yEd Graph Editor

yEd might have a strange name, but as a Visio alternative, it’s one of the best on the market. yWorks’ app offers a solid user interface that makes it easy to change and customize your diagrams automatically. With a wide variety of diagram elements included in the platform, including shape nodes, edge types, and flowchart symbols, it’s shockingly easy to build flowcharts, diagrams, mind maps, and so much more. The app even supports importing your own content, including shape stencils from Visio files, to create custom element types. yEd offers an automatic layout too, so if your flowchart contains a massive amount of data, you can control the branch directions automatically from within your settings panel.

Once you’ve used the automatic layout options from yWorks, yEd also contains a huge number of export options, including the ability to save your content as a PDF, JPEG, GIF, or HTML image map with full support for embedded URLS. The app can also save in Adobe Flash SWF files, which supports the ability to view your graphs within the built-in Adobe Flash Player viewer. These are even accessible within your own website, allowing users to zoom, move, and click on your embedded links and files for viewing. Whether you’re looking to build diagrams, flowcharts, or even family tries, yEd has a supported diagram for you. Every feature is included for free, with support for Windows and web-based clients—even mobile devices.

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