The Best Free Channels on Roku – September 2017

Robotics 30 Aug 2017
The Best Free Channels on Roku – September 2017

Roku is one of the best media centers out there. As well as managing your subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu and playing local content, there are apps that allow access to free channels too. Here are a few of the best free channels on Roku this year so far.

The CW

The CW is where you go to catch some of the latest shows on TV. Known for some of the best shows around, The CW also specializes in superhero series such as Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and more. Other shows like The Originals and iZombie also feature highly.


PBS is a staple for many people, especially those who like BBC period drama or cooking shows. There is a huge range of free content on PBS as well as the channel’s own original productions which is rapidly gaining in quality and popularity. As a free channel on Roku, PBS is a decent offering.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is separate from PBS and is exclusively for children. All content on the channel is child safe and age appropriate. The channel contains over 1,000 videos and shows, with some very popular ones including Curious George, The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That, Sesame Street and lots of others. There is also learning content as well as entertainment so not all time spent  on PBS Kids is wasted time.


Crackle offers access to free movies and TV shows and the range is getting better all the time. Ad-supported, the channel features a wide range of TV shows and movies and has even begun creating its own. The library is not as varied as some of the other free channels but it is growing all the time.


iHeartRadio offers traditional radio channels through your Roku. The range is wide with traditional music, talk shows and domestic content as well as imported and world music options. Popular stations include Power 105.1 FM in NYC, 104.3 myFM in Los Angeles, Wild 94.9, ESPN, Fox Sports and Kentucky Sports Radio. If you like background noise while doing other things, this is the channel to provide it.


Vevo is another music oriented channel for Roku that provides free content. This time it is music video content. There are apparently over 75,000 videos from over 20,000 artists on the channel. Whether you watch or just listen, the content is pretty good and includes local and international acts.


Popcornflix takes us back to movies in style with a huge range of popular full-length movies from just about every genre going. Unlike the similarly-named Popcorn Time, Popcornflix is legal as it is ad-supported. The range of movies available is pretty good and while it may not contain the latest blockbusters, the channel does contain a wide ranging repertoire of movies.


Twitch is a free Roku channel for gamers. Watch other people play popular games to pick up tips, see how the experts do it or explore new games before buying them. Just about every game imaginable is being played at peak times. There are also computer game shows appearing with some decent production quality too. Well worth checking out if gaming is your thing. is a tutorial channel for Roku that expands on the books and online resources. The range of skills and tips covered is wide ranging, from computers to business, software, hardware and more. The free channel covers a wide range of subjects while a premium channel covers even more.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV apparently has over a hundred free channels that include general interest, news, sports, series, movies and more. It is a well-established free channel for Roku that features on many top lists and for very good reason. It has national and international news, sports and more and a wide variety of movies too.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has a similar model to Crackle in that it offers free, legit movies and TV supported by ads. The range is slightly more limited than Netflix or Hulu but it is free so is bound to be. Otherwise, Tubi TV is a great companion app for Roku with a decent range of TV series and older movies.


No list of free channels on Roku would be complete without mentioning YouTube. The channel has all of the content of the website plus the ability to find something on a device and sling it to your TV. Otherwise there is the same massive range of content from the world’s largest media platform.

Those are just some of the many free Roku channels available this year. Got any favorites? Any I haven’t mentioned? You know what to do.

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