EcoHelmet: One-time bicycle helmet

Science 08 Feb 2018
EcoHelmet: One-time bicycle helmet

Isis Slate and her helmet

Isida Schiffer, a student at the Pratt Institute (New York), the future industrial designer was awarded the James Dyson main prize – $ 3,500 for the invention of a disposable helmet for EcoHelmet cyclists.

The helmet has turned out so compact that in the future it can be sold through special machines. It is made of waterproof recycled paper, which allows you to use it even in rainy, rainy weather.

Disposable helmet

Special folding design EcoHelmet, although not new (even in the Soviet Union sold similar folding ball-toys), but still very effective. Its radial honeycomb structure gives it high impact resistance, like other materials used in the manufacture of safety helmets. First of all, students who take bicycles for hire will be able to use the helmet .

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