Hybrid X-COP 9700s from Neoline: what are the advantages of premium radar detectors?

Science 14 Nov 2017
Hybrid X-COP 9700s from Neoline: what are the advantages of premium radar detectors?

Hybrid X-COP 9700s from Neoline: what are the advantages of premium radar detectors?

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Neoline X-COP 9700s

Neoline has released an improved version of its top-end hybrid device X-COP 9700 – model S. Neoline X-COP 9700s organically combines a DVR and a powerful radar detector. For the verified design, he was awarded the prestigious international Red Dot Award.

Key Features

Let’s see what the Neoline X-COP 9700s can offer to potential owners. Key features of the new hybrid: the gadget database stores data on radars and cameras in 45 countries (including, first of all, Russia, the European Union, and the nearest CIS republics). It includes all types of radar used in the territory of the Russian Federation – such as “Robot”, “Cordon”, “Chris”, “Krechet”, “Avtodoria” and many others. At the same time, the detector has an additional module for detection of the Strelka-ST and Strelka-M radars (24,150 GHz), which allows them to be detected at a distance of up to 2 km. GPS base is constantly updated and updated with new points (all updates are available through the site of neoline.ru). Each new police radar is quickly added to the database and is available in new firmware that comes out regularly.

Neoline X-COP 9700s confidently detects the radiation of radars in a radius of up to 1500 meters (radiation from stationary complexes is detected from a distance up to 2500 meters). All information about the ahead of the radar (as well as brief information about the next radar behind it) is displayed on the IPS touch screen. The driver at any time receives all the most important information:

Neoline X-COP 9700s
  • Schematic representation of radar type;
  • The permitted speed on this section of the road;
  • Current vehicle speed;
  • Distance to the GPS point;
  • Current time;
  • False and dangerous zones.

All control of the hybrid is via the touch interface EASY TOUCH PLUS. Thanks to a wide screen diagonal (2.8 inches), it is very convenient to use. All menu items are large enough, and the navigation logic of the menu itself is well thought out.

For the work of the hybrid is responsible processor Ambarella A7LA50, which allows you to process video at a rate of 30 frames per second. High-quality video recording is provided by a lens of 6 lenses and a 2-megapixel high-quality Sony Exmor IMX 322. All data is stored on a Micro SD card up to 128 GB (bundled with a hybrid is already a 32 GB card). The recorder provides emergency recording 10 seconds before the event and 50 seconds after.

Features of the model

To understand all the advantages of the Neoline X-COP 9700s, we compare it with the previous top model of the company – Neoline X-COP 9700. Among the most important changes: the hybrid received GLONASS support (9700 could use GPS only), Z-signature filter, night recording mode , there appeared control functions for the band (LDWS), zoom video, as well as voice alerts. In addition, the new registrar has received an improved display on the IPS matrix (instead of TFT) and an extended package that makes working with it more convenient. And now about all this in order.

Neoline X-COP 9700s

The Z-signature filter is Neoline’s own development. It is designed to combat false detectors from blind zone sensors (DSZ) and adaptive cruise control of other vehicles. It is capable of detecting signals from systems such as Blind Spot Monitoring, Side Assist and Blind Spot Detection. Thanks to the filter, the device automatically recognizes such signals and does not notify the driver about them. At the same time, real police radars are not blocked.

X-COP 9700s allows you to configure the filter Z-signatures depending on the current speed, applying two modes of filtering, which differ sensitivity. Practical tests of the hybrid showed that it catches the signals of the DSA in the two most sensitive modes of operation (Turbo and Track), and ignores in the City and X-COP modes – just by activating the filter.

Neoline X-COP 9700sAlternative mounting option is possible

Night shooting mode is automatically turned on, as specified by the user in the time menu. When activated, it programmatically increases the brightness of light areas in the frame. Recording made in this mode at night, becomes brighter and allows you to view small details on a weakly illuminated track.

The Bandwidth Control (LDWS) feature allows the registrar to monitor that the car does not leave its lane. In case of danger, the hybrid will give an alarm signal, and a warning animation will appear on the display. It is noticed that the function does not always work if the markup is severely damaged, missing, or it has been brought, for example, by snow.

In the new version, the X-COP 9700s has a zoom, which allows you to enlarge the fragment of the recorded video – for example, to approximate the state number of the car you are interested in. To do this, in the view mode, click on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The function is very useful, but since the zoom is digital, the quality of the magnification directly depends on the quality of the original recording.

Ease of use

In addition to the critical parameters considered, the X-COP 9700s has a number of minor improvements that make working with it more comfortable.

Neoline X-COP 9700s

For example, a hybrid allows the owner to make a mark of the Danger Zone in his GPS base – the location of any road threats, be it busy intersections, recumbent policemen, deep holes and similar obstacles. Next time when driving in this place the hybrid will inform in advance about the danger signal. In this case, the comfort radius of the warning can be set in the menu (varies from 200 to 800 meters).

The X-COP 9700s easily mounts on the windshield on extremely strong 3M adhesive tape. Due to this, the device can be used immediately after purchase, fixing on the glass and connecting the cable to the cigarette lighter. Power to the recorder is transmitted through the device bracket. This means that it is not necessary to connect the cable directly to the hybrid – this allows you to remove and install the device faster and protects the power connector from wear. For the organization of permanent and hidden power will have to spend a little more time, and here comes to the rescue cable connection to the onboard network Neoline Fuse Cord from the delivery. The bracket of the hybrid itself makes it easy to rotate the device 360 ​​degrees.

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