Passenger drone SureFly will make the first flight in January

Science 23 Nov 2017
Passenger drone SureFly will make the first flight in January

The airplanes capable of replacing taxis in the future are created not only in Europe. The American start-up Workhorse from Ohio also does not sit idly by, but promises to show its passenger VTOL SureFly already in January next year, 2018 at the CES.

The body of the two-seater aircraft is made of carbon fiber, the device itself is able to develop in the air speed of up to 112 kilometers per hour, the same is its flight range. VTOL has a gas engine and batteries, which allows you to switch between two types of fuel and do not interrupt the flight, if, for example, the batteries are completely discharged.

Early versions of the device, capable of flying, will be controlled by the pilot, but later completely unmanned models will appear. According to company representatives, SureFly is a newly invented and rethought helicopter, quietly located in the garage. It can be controlled using a special controller.

While SureFly did not find its target audience. The developers hope to find customers at the exhibition. Probably, among them will be representatives of municipal services, logistics companies, taxis or military.

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