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China pulls further ahead of US in mobile payments with record US$12.8 trillion in transactions 

Mobile payment transactions in China reached a record 81 trillion yuan (US$12.8 trillion) from January to October last year, driven by the vast number of consumers across the country who have looked beyond credit cards to

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How To Download or Record Streaming Music (Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music)

A decade ago, Apple launched the first generation iPhone, a product that would revolutionize almost every aspect of our lives. From finding a date to calling a cab, ordering delivery to sharing photos, the iPhone (and

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Samsung to overtake Apple with record profits despite scandals

However, Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities, told AFP: “Samsung has surpassed its rivals for now but Apple usually sees little fluctuation in its profits whereas Samsung’s profits fluctuate largely on memory chip prices.” Apple is

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