How To Get Verified on Instagram

Technologies 01 Nov 2017
How To Get Verified on Instagram

Since anyone can pretend to be anyone online, having a Verified badge next to your name on social media gives you an edge. You instantly have authority, credibility and an audience who are more likely to listen. If you would like to get verified on Instagram, it isn’t easy but it is possible. Here’s how.

Verification on any social network is actually very difficult to come by. Rather than the automated account creation process of setting up a normal account, someone who works at the network actually has to check out your profile and manually authorize verification. That means your options are limited and you really have to stand out or be famous to get one.

Instagram says only celebrities and brands get verified badges. That may be the original intent, but we know that isn’t true as there are lots of verified badges floating around the network and forums. The latter, usually offering a verified Instagram badge for sale. Buying verification is the simplest way to achieve it but can cost anything up to and over $15k!

There are easier ways to get verified on Instagram but none of them are guaranteed.

Do you need to get verified on Instagram?

While verification may seem like a big deal, I’m not so sure it is. It’s a tiny blue tick next to your name on a social network. It doesn’t get you into exclusive clubs, it doesn’t give you discounts on products and it won’t make you more attractive to the opposite sex. So why bother?

The only real benefit to being verified on Instagram is if you run a business and use the network for marketing. Then being a verified member gives your message a little more credibility than the usual. However, by the time Instagram will consider you for verification, you need to have hundreds of thousands of followers anyway, so you’re already past the point of needing verification.

If you take your social media marketing seriously, verification can add a little weight to your campaigns.

Get verified on Instagram

To get verified on Instagram, you could buy a verified account from a source or you could do things the hard way. As mentioned above, nothing is guaranteed here and the exact requirements of a verified account is a secret that only Instagram knows for sure.

The upside is that all your work will benefit your Instagram marketing efforts regardless of whether you get verified or not.

The hard way involves social media marketing activities. They are slow but methodical and will gradually gain you authority in your niche and eventually followers.

Don’t start with Instagram

While our endgame is that verification on Instagram, we begin by ignoring the network. What we want to do is create a social presence that Instagram themselves will want to be associated with. They will then recognize your worth and actively want to verify you. We will not ask once to be verified. We will make your profile so compelling that Instagram will want you as part of their network.

A typical social media marketing campaign would look at your brand, what it offers, its target market and then pick the most likely social networks from there. Do that here, except ignore Instagram for now.

Think about who your main customers are and what social networks they would be most likely to use. Create a profile on each and make it as full and as compelling as you can. Then begin posting something genuinely useful once per day. A social media marketing campaign is usually split into three or six month segments. Plan three months’ worth of posts and content, link your accounts to your company blog and be patient.

The idea is to create genuinely useful content that your audience gains a benefit from. This is the content most likely to succeed on any social network and begins to create authority for your brand and potential to get noticed.

Once you have a few months’ worth of content on other social networks, create an Instagram account and link everything together. Add your company details and links to your website on your Instagram account and continue building your reputation. Try to be a leader in what you post and not a follower. The more quality content you put out there, the more likely you will be seen as someone who would bring other people to Instagram. This is the key to getting verified.

As you become noticed on other networks, the analytics tools at Instagram may flag you as someone of interest to their network. This is what we have been working towards. As you build your reputation, link to other influencers and generally make yourself useful online, you become someone people want to be connected with. It is then that you stand the highest chance of getting verified.

Getting verified on Instagram is not guaranteed but is something you can influence. It isn’t easy, or quick but does have side benefits to your business. If you have the time and patience it is something definitely worth trying!

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