The Japanese will fly to the moon in exchange for their technology

Technologies 30 Nov 2017
The Japanese will fly to the moon in exchange for their technology

About the fact that Japan plans to send its astronauts to the surface of the moon, it was said earlier, when representatives of various space agencies discussed the possibility of jointly building a base in the orbit of a natural satellite, but then these plans were not officially announced. Now the Japanese newspaper “Iomiuri” published a material in which it confirmed the intentions of the Japanese government, citing influential sources in the ruling circles.

It is assumed that Japan will participate in an international project, and will be able to offer a number of its own developments that can be implemented in the construction of the lunar orbital base. It is noted that Japanese specialists could help develop ships and shuttles for landing astronauts on the surface of the Moon. In addition, the Japanese have innovative research in the field of water and air purification, which can also be used in the construction of a future station. The work of Japanese specialists includes their own technological solutions for docking transport spacecraft and station modules.

All these developments of Japanese scientists will not only increase the prestige of the country in the space sphere at the international level, but will also allow the Land of the Rising Sun to be able to prepare and send to the space of its own astronauts.

Recall that in the early 2020s, leading space agencies plan to begin building a modular near-moon base Deep Space Gateway. It is assumed that the countries participating in the new project will be able to send their astronauts to the near-moon station in exchange for technologies and integrated solutions provided for joint use.

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